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Vacation Home Owners

Bandon Vacation Rentals is a new site for vacation home owners to network and to advertise their property. Our goal is to provide another avenue for each home owner to have their property listed. The more exposure a property has the more successful it will be. We also know that referrals from our neighbors helps us grow our cliental. In the era of networking, Bandon Vacation Rentals, is looking for owners who want to work together and build community. Each owner most likely already has a busy vacation home that gets inquiries for dates that they are not able to fulfill. The home may already be booked, may not allow pets, or might not have enough room to satisfy a large group. By networking, a vacation home owner would be able to refer a potential client to another home on Bandon Vacation Rental who could satisfy that inquiry.

Local Businesses

Bandon Vacation Rentals also wants to ensure a strong economy for the City of Bandon and its local businesses. If you would like to place a small ad on our “Bandon” to gain exposure for your business we would like to speak with you. Each business will have something unique to offer the clients staying at vacation homes in the Bandon area.

Contact Rick Swenson, at for more information on how to become a part of this new network.